Posted by: Shireen | March 24, 2017

To Bean, who turned 4. 

Dear Little Bean,

My dearest second child. You, whose baby book has barely cracked its spine, who has been dragged to more of your sister’s after school activities and performances than your own and yet has had all the blessings of being born into a world where you have always had a sister who adores you and the combined love of three rather than two people. I hope this makes up for the lack of baby book! 

Happy 4 years on this spinning Earth.  You will never know how much happiness and joy spilled into our world when you arrived. You taught us how love multiplies with each new addition and that there will always be enough to go around.  You taught your sister about compassion and kindness in a way that we would never have been able to do. She had it all along, but your arrival magnified it.  We watched her heart grow and overflow with love.  You are her most precious thing and we saw a side to her that we would never have seen if you had not come to our family. I thank you for opening up new parts of ourselves.

Right now, you are teaching me about patience….and the importance of being right with you in.the.moment. Play with me, you say. And I have to. Who knows how long you will continue to ask me? One day I’ll wake up and you won’t want your mummy to play cars or dolls house with you…and I will be grateful that I accepted your invite when you were small. 

Thank you for surprise kisses, running cuddles, for Lego bricks on the floor, diggers and dolls on the sofa and your little hand in mine. May your birthday be filled with love, wonder and friends and superheroes, of course! 

Love you, little Bean. 

Mummy x 



  1. Magical. Beautiful. Perfect.

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