Posted by: Shireen | November 18, 2015

Start-up family???

Hello. My name is Bee. And I am one quarter of a start-up family.

There. I said it. For years I avoided this statement because I felt like it resigned us to a lifetime of running after an idea, a man and the money. Always the money issue. And I won’t go into that because those of you who know, just know that it’s not easy. 

I wanted to distance myself from the start-up world. It was hurting my family and making my man crazy. It was nothing to do with me.

But is anyone really having an easy time right now? All families go through their “thing”, start-up or no start-up.  The choice to live on the edge of a potentially amazing idea/business is exactly that. A choice. I could have said no, that I was scared shitless of it all of losing everything.  We could have been safe.
Instead we chose uncertainty and on some days, bad financial choices on both our parts. But we also chose passion, hard work, disappointment  and the chance to work through it, the chance to get up and try again (reality check: it is not as romantic as it sounds!).  I have learned about failure and resilience by watching my start-up man. I have watched him come home pumped and motivated and then watched as he came home the next day battered by the industry and get up the next morning and go back for more!

I think it cut us right down and tests, and is still testing us, in some crazy ways.  But would I rather teach my kids to take the safe route in life? Or show them that passion for what you do, whether it be business, art, music, teaching, basket weaving, is irreplaceable. I want them to take the path that drives them, even if no one has been there before. Even if you do belly flop on your face. Which, let’s face it, may happen. But I’m saying eventually you learn how to dive in smooth. 

I realise that it isn’t just a job that my partner goes out to do each morning. It’s a lifestyle we as a family have chosen and I am finally going to own my part in it all, the good and the bad.  (It took a while, I know).

And I can say, the pay off isn’t the big exit and the money (funding is always still coming in this world!).  It’s the growing understanding  that the universe (and your family!) will support you no matter what to help you build your vision.  No matter how many wrong turns, you keep getting up and moving on with that vision.  That part is always a work in progress, right?

I never thought I’d be speaking in favour of start-ups! How odd!  The world is indeed a strange and wonderful place….

So.  My name is Bee. I am one quarter of a start-up family. 


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