Posted by: Shireen | March 2, 2015

The crib

So someone from freecycle is coming to pick up the crib today. They are going to take our crib and use it for their newborn baby. I am happy that our well loved baby bed will be used for another happy family. 

F says it’s exciting – the kids have bunk beds and Bean is sleeping on the bottom bunk like a “big boy”.  The kids are getting bigger and we can do more things with them now.

But that crib represented the first few years of our little ones.  The number of nights we sat by the crib, rocking the babies to sleep, laying them softly down, praying they wouldn’t wake and then tiptoeing out (avoiding the creaky floorboard). The number of night feeds by the light of the moon (and my iPhone). The mornings of happy baby gurgles. The nights when we just crept in to watch the beautiful faces of our sleeping babies, wondering how beings so perfect could have come into our lives just like that. 

Of course we still kiss those sleeping faces while they sleep (hopefully) peacefully in the new bunk beds – it is true, there is much excitement and fun ahead of us with the two of them growing up now. 

But I will miss the crib, those first years, hazy with the lack of sleep but drunk on the wonder of new born babies. 



  1. You’re back & I love it!!
    Bunk beds are soo cool 🙂

  2. You and Farhan are just great parents and have such lovely children who just happen to be my grandchildren! I love you all!
    Those nights by the crib are behind you and you only have good times ahead with bunk bed children.

  3. Oh boy can I eve relate to this! I’ve often thought that motherhood (or parenthood for that matter although I think we mothers feel it even more acutely) is about letting go, over and over and over again.

    Your post is a beautiful reminder of that.

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