Posted by: Shireen | February 23, 2015

Perfect at not being perfect?

I keep thinking of all these things to write about and then not writing them because I feel like I won’t have enough time to get them all down perfectly.
I need to forget about perfectly. Things are not perfect. They never have been and they never will be. I am not ever sure why I keep trying to get them to be so. I keep trying for perfect and then missing moments of connection that could have been made. I am missing out on writing because I am waiting for the perfect time and space. I think I have realised that is not ever happening. Time and space is not in my reach right now. My life is not perfect but there are billions of moments that are perfect at not being perfect…
…like the time Bean did a great running man whilst having a tantrum.
…and the time that Little Bee over heard us talking about being hung over after a long overdue night out and when she asked the meaning we told her it was when adults are really tired after a late night and then she told a friend at school…”Oh, my mum is always hung over!”
…and when Little Bee made me a paper skirt out of masking tape and copy paper because she said it was because I never had time to go shopping and buy nice clothes!
…or Little Bee when he says, “Allllllright!”
…or when Bean makes us all hold hands and dance in a circle and says, “Happy, wooooaaaah, happy!”
I love these moments and they are messy, covered in avocado and dried porridge and a bit of glue, but they are my messy moments that will not wait for perfect writing.



  1. You said it Sister – and pretty well too! My favourite motto is “good enough is good enough.” Say it with me – it’s very cathartic!

  2. Love you polkadot girl. I will repeat 🙂

  3. Well said!

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