Posted by: Shireen | February 4, 2014

10 minutes of my day

The time between 2:48pm and 3:05pm is sacred space.

At that particular time of the day, I have just wrestled my Little Bean into his snow suit and into the stroller, grabbed a snack for the Lil Bee, offered some milk to Bean (who always refuses, but hey – a mama has to offer, right?)  I pull on my hat, snood (yes, I said that-) and mittens and shove the stroller out the door.

By 2:45, I am out the door and tripping down the road on the daily school run.  January in London.  It is cold, windy and kind of crap, but here I am hurtling down the road to the school.

2:48 hits and I pull out my phone.  At precisely 2:48, in Oakland, CA, my sister (well, my cousin, but she is my heart sister, you know what I mean?) is getting in her car, putting on her handsfree set and is driving to work.

I get the text.  Call me.

And for 10 – 15 perfect minutes, before I have to pick up Little Bee at 3:05, we cross the boundaries of space and time and are able to somehow fit in details about our lives, our partners, our kids, our mothers, work, books we should read, movies that we have seen, maybe a gluten free recipe or two…and yes, dreams of somehow finding time and money to meet up in real life soon, soon, soon.  We speak in a kind of code.  Unfinished, choppy sentences because we know that the other one will understand.  No extra details – no time for that.  We have to fill in the gaps for each other because there is no time for elaboration.

Sometimes there isn’t enough time to even finish a conversation but at least it is a moment in time (as Whitney would say).  Just a moment to connect.  A moment to say, hey – I hear you and I totally understand.  And a moment to say, I miss you or I wish you were closer or I wish you were next door so that I could come over for hot chocolate and a chat. It is a little pocket of our day that we have set aside to find each other amongst the chaos of life.

We live an ocean away and we can’t meet for coffee.  But for 10 mins a day at exactly 2:48, it feels like she is only down the road.



  1. It is important to have a sister, many if you’re really lucky. Sisters are always there to pick you up if you fall, to give you an ear, to she’d a tear with you, or have a good stomach laugh.

  2. Is it terrible that I’m thinking “I hope she’s using Vonage or Skype to make that call?” ha. Nice post.

  3. Ha. Vonage, if you must know. X

  4. Yes, sisters are awesome. Imagine if you had 7 sisters…..

  5. This is just beautiful! What a gift when things just click like that! Love you and miss you xxx

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