Posted by: Shireen | January 20, 2014

Will they have Skype in Heaven?

Little Bee has been exploring some deep thoughts, lately.

There has been much discussion about death.  She wants to know why we have to die, where we go when we die, if we become angels, what really is a soul…oh, the questions go on.  We are trying to be very careful with our words, but this is a first for us and we are really just winging it!  I mostly just do the teacher thing and toss the question back at her….what do you think, munchkin?  The death topic disturbs me for the obvious reasons.  I can’t bear to think of a world without my family and I can’t bear to think about leaving them.  But Little Bee is more pragmatic about this, as she is about so many things.  She wants to know how it works and how she can fix it so that it works the way she wants it to.  It is a good stand to take, for a 4 year old.  Things can’t be scary if you can understand and be in charge of how it all turns out, right?

She worries about being lonely after me and her dad die.  She is convinced that we will die in order of age, so this means Dad first, then me, then her and then her baby brother, Little Bean.  After sorting that order out, she then proceeded to worry about Little Bean.  He would be here on Earth while the rest of us are partying it up in Heaven.  After a moment’s thought, her face brightened.  I could practically see the lightbulb above her head.  A solution! We would just leave him my iPhone….we would take my computer with us to Heaven and then this way, Little Bean could Skype with us!  In addition, he could also text us, since Little Bee will be taking her Peppa Pig phone with her.

Excellent!  Situation under control.


There are lovely things too, that she is thinking about.  We usually say a sort of prayer every night just to help us remember the big picture.  We say thank you to the Great Spirit for all that we have, and ask her/him to take care of all of us and especially Little Bee and Little Bean.  Sometimes Little Bee adds on her extras, such as random birthday/Christmas lists, wishes for school the next day, or a request to do some baking.  When the disaster in the Philippines happened before Christmas, we would add in a prayer for all the children in the world to be kept safe.  On that day, Little Bee asked me if anyone else could hear her prayers or was it just Great Spirit.  On the fly, I said I thought that yes, if we listened carefully, we might be able to hear other people’s prayers in our hearts.  Her eyes shone with the amazement of that thought.

“Listen,” she said.  “I can hear Nanni in Canada talking to her Great Spirit too!!”



  1. What a wonderful, inquisitive little Bee you have! It’s great that you give her the space to come up with her own answers – and amazing for us all to take in what kids can teach us if we just listen. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks! But I have to say, I only give her space to come up with her own ideas cuz I don’t know the answers to such hard questions! Lol! X

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