Posted by: Shireen | October 14, 2012

Words in Print!

Mother’s Milk books intend to publish books that hope to share the beauty of breast feeding and the mother-father-child connection that begins even before birth.  The editor and founder of Mother’s Milk books, Teika Bellamy, has worked really hard on this very first publication, bringing together mothers, and some fathers, from all corners of life all connected by their experiences of parenthood.  It is filled with beautiful art, prose and poetry that illustrates this life bond.  Reading it, you can’t help but feel the intense emotions of motherhood.  Those same emotions that have us laughing and crying like we never did before becoming parents!

Check out Mother’s Milk Books and this review of the book by Lois Rowlands.  The proceeds of this book raise money for La Leche League, which supports mothers with breastfeeding.

Motherhood awakened a brand new side of me; a side I didn’t even know could exist.  Most of the time I feel like it has really stirred up the crazy in me, but it has also made me gentle and vulnerable in ways and I think this is where the writing comes in handy!   I have written a lot about it in the last four years on this blog and also on random notebooks and papers that remain in drawers and folders on my computer.  What My Daughter Told Me, the poem I sent to Teika was really personal to me, but what is writing if it is not personal?  It was accepted and now my poem is printed in this beautiful book! Wooo!  My words in print!  I feel so privileged to have been included amongst so many great writers and artists.  I can’t even start to describe the wonderful feeling of that.

The book was published on Sept 26th, 2012.  So serendipitous, since this was the same day we had our three month baby scan.  Little Bee Part 2 is on the way!

On one single day, a journey of motherhood and writing meeting at the crossroads.



  1. Such amazing news Shireen – all of it!! What an amazing time and so many new beginnings!

  2. Well done,I’m am so proud of you! You deserve it,your a great,accomplished writer.x

  3. Aw, thanks, girls! x

  4. way to go, my little mummy. Love reading you.

  5. So proud.

  6. Beautiful!

  7. yipppeee!!!

  8. YAY!!!!!!! So sad I didn’t read this until now! So proud of you. You are an AMAZING writer and it was only a matter of time. It’s only just the beginning. Love you xxx

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