Posted by: Shireen | July 29, 2012

Girls Rock the Olympics!

I am not a sporty girl at all.

Okay, I played intramural hockey in university.  But seriously, I had no idea what I was doing.  I thought it was okay to trip up a girl from the opposite team with my hockey stick.  The ref was so surprised at my tactics that he just watched in amazement as I continued to make up my own rules to the game.  Ahem.

I digress.

The Olympics.  Everyone is writing about it and I didn’t think I would really be inspired to.  The thing I like best about it is that all the world is together for something positive.  Everyone is happy and proud and I love that.  And of course, I think that London is doing a great job so far….proud to be British moment!

I am not wild about sports, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want LIttle Bee to have the same opportunities in sport as the boy next door.  She has parents who encourage her to swim, play football and join a trapeze class, just as much as we celebrate ballet and all things princess-y.  And if she develops a love and a passion for football, or gymnastics or swimming or tennis, we are so grateful that we have the means to encourage her in this area.

But it was not so long ago that women did not have the same opportunities in sport as men.  Let’s face it.  Women are still fighting for equality and recognition in this area.  It was exciting to find out that for the first time ever, all teams competing in the Olympics this year have at least one woman competing too!


This means that for my daughter’s first Olympics, not only is it in her home town (which is way cool), but she will never know a time when women weren’t part of every team.  She will grow up assuming that she will get every opportunity in the sporting world.

Now when there is quite a bit wrong with the world she is growing up in, and a lot I want to protect her from, this piece of news is really good to hear.

Well done, World!



  1. awesome post!

  2. What a great piece. Women still have so much to fight for but this is a huge achievement. Only you can articulate it so powerfully. Love ya

  3. Totally! Bring on the girls! Thanks for visiting – love you more.

  4. Thanks, my love!

  5. Too right. I’ve found the paralympics very inspiring too.

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