Posted by: Shireen | July 22, 2012

The Kids Are Alright!

I want my daughter to be brave, wild and bold.

We try not to watch too much tv and we take a lot of care to make sure that the things she does watch and read have characters that are bold, wonderful and brave.  We haven’t seen any of the Disney movies yet and have read Babette Cole’s revisionist fairy tales.  We have a dress up box filled with imagination, not princess clothes.  No princesses here, thank you very much.  Well that all worked until she went to Nursery.  I can say for sure that even at age two and a half, peer pressure is stronger than me!  She came home from Nursery telling us about the dress up clothes and how she played Princesses with her friends.  Sigh.

Then she started referring to herself as Snow White.  Then the next day it was Cinderella.  And the next it was Tinker bell.  In fact when people ask her name, she now usually gives a princess name.  Then some friends gave us some hand-me-down dress up clothes.  You guessed it.  All princess dresses.  My little girl thought she was in heaven!  That’s it, I thought.  She is down the path of glitter nail polish, princess dresses and princes on white horses riding off into the sunset.

But the other day, we were playing with a Charlie and Lola sticker book.  (By the way, Charlie and Lola books by Lauren Child are so awesome – we love them!  But the sticker books aren’t written by her)  The way it works is that we illustrate the story using the provided stickers.  We are told what stickers to use at each part of the story.  We came to the part where Lola is pretending to be a princess in a tower and Charlie pretends to be the prince who is rescuing her.  Look.

Mummy, she says, why is Lola up there and Charlie down there?

Well, I said, in some stories, the princesses wait for the princes to rescue them from the tower.

She gave me a puzzled look.  But, she said, why is Lola waiting for Charlie to come up?  Why doesn’t she just take the stairs down by herself?

Sigh of relief.  The kid is alright.



  1. Absolutely wonderful! You know you’ve done well when at 2 she is able to give you such a grown up answer. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Oh that is so cute.

  3. Thanks, purple penguin!! I am just glad she isn’t waiting for a prince to rescue her 😉

  4. WOOHOO!! She is a fabulous, strong and intelligent young lady and will always be 🙂 xx

  5. That’s what happens when you raise a brave, intelligent young lady! No need for prince’s 🙂

  6. Thanks for your comment! I hope our girls always stay brave and bold!

  7. Thanks for coming by to visit!

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