Posted by: Shireen | May 18, 2012


It is time for a change.

Bees on Skis began when we moved to Switzerland, made a baby and then grew into parenthood.  It has been a mad, wonderful four years!  But I am changed.  In the last few years, motherhood has defined all the minutes of my day.  But now that it has become part of my rhythm of life….it happens without me having to question and worry and think so much.  It is a wonderful part of me, not all of me.

I am the kind of person who has to emerse themselves in a new challenge.  And boy, was I neck deep in trying to figure out mama-hood.  I still am, but I seem to be treading water for a little while, floating and enjoying the clouds, even, and so it is time to discover another part of me.

Bees On Skis will still be a place where I document our wacky and wonderful family life for me, and for us….but I need a little more space to be me.

Come join me at where I am writing now if you feel like it.  I won’t be publicising it on fb, so if you want to know when I post things, click on the subscription button on the blog and you will get an email whenever I post something new.

Love Bee x


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