Posted by: Shireen | April 16, 2012

The Path to Passion

F and I have a lot (I mean a LOT) of conversations about Little Bee’s school and academic career.  We want her to have as many doors open to her as we can possibly provide.  We discuss nursery schools, primary schools, high schools and even the universities we want her to have the option of going to.  We want her to be well rounded so we discuss soccer classes, and music lessons (Should she learn the ukelele or the guitar, the piano or the triangle?), maybe tennis, or art classes.  What about ballet, and tap or maybe even trapeze classes?  Don’t even get me started on what other languages she should learn! Sound overwhelming for a just about two year old?  We just want her to have every door open, right?

Well, it occurred to us the other day, that simply piling on the classes and fancy schools is not going to ensure that she lives a life filled with passion and enthusiasm.  Actually, it is our responsibility as parents to carefully observe and find out what turns her on, what makes her heart light up with excitement.  We have to help her find her element, as Sir Ken Robinson, talks about.  He says, “The Element is the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.”  I love this idea.  We aren’t just responsible for finding the best school and the soccer class that meets on a Tuesday evening because that is the only free day in our schedule, we are responsible for helping our kids find the path to passion!

I don’t want Little Bee, like so many others, to spend her life going to a fancy school with so many after school activities and then end up at Oxford/Cambridge or some other fancy university, if she ends up working at a job that drags her soul to the ground.

I need to change my reason for opening doors.  I am now opening doors for Little Bee to find out what feeds her soul, what makes her feel wild and alive and then to help and support her to use that to do her life’s work.  It might be basket weaving, or juggling, or playing the guitar, or dance or it might be engineering or law, or medicine, or basketball.

I am going to have to get over my old school views of every kid needing to finish a good degree in order to be happy and successful in this world.  A degree doesn’t always equal happiness, but finding your calling and your passion and knowing you are loved and supported in that decision, will be a much quicker route to fulfilment.

I hope that Little Bee will always challenge herself to be better than she was the day before, but how wonderful it would be if she was being challenged in something that she loved!



  1. Great post bee.

  2. Little Bee is a good teacher to her parents. Being in the moment, enjoy her Mr and Mrs Bee, she’s lovely, you’re lovely parents. See you really soon in your new abode, loveyou

  3. That’s perfect. As one of those who didn’t go down the common path – all you can ask for is the support once you’re lucky enough to have discovered the passion. Some days down the line this may be very hard for you but just read this post again and keep on supporting.

    She’s very lucky to have you both as parents. xx

  4. We are really lucky to have people in our lives who live with such passion. Thanks for your comment x

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