Posted by: Shireen | November 4, 2011

Sunshine and rainbows for dinner, anyone?

In the usual style of a busy mummy, I was rushing around the health food shop grabbing all kinds of fun and healthy things, including rice pasta.  Little Bee loves the Animal shape pasta because then she can make stories up with her food, but on this day, all they had was boring macaroni.

Me:  Sorry Little Bee, they don’t have Animal pasta but we can try macaroni, how’s that?

I hurried her on, grabbing other things from the shelves, while Little Bee contemplated the big change in her menu.

Little Bee:  Thanks mama!

Me: For what, Little Bee?

Little Bee:  You got me baby rainbows!

Me (trying to balance Miso soup, tofu, raisins and sunflower seeds all on one arm and totally confused):  Ranbows?  Where?

Little Bee (pointing at the macaroni):  Here, mama!  Here in the pasta!  Baby rainbows….wow!

I have never in my life looked at macaroni and thought, oh yes, we are having rainbows for dinner.  I just love the way children don’t have any boundaries about what they are “supposed” to know about the world.  They make these amazing connections between things just because they don’t have as much junk in their heads as we do.

Is it really that crazy to think that the person who invented macaroni might have actually been inspired by rainbows?



  1. given that you did not sell it as rainbows and she in her little library could only see it as rainbows, I think you both need a check mark for creativity. Well done, as Little Bee would say to her Nani.
    loveyou, always

  2. Aha, so glad to see you back. Those moments are wonderful and thankfully have the power to strip through all the junk in our heads!

  3. I can’t believe I missed this post! I LOVE that – I will always think of M and the baby rainbows from now! Maybe that’s why KD makes us smile as kids 🙂

  4. Can’t believe I missed this post! I LOVE the mini rainbows! Now I was always think of M when I eat them. Maybe that’s why we love KD so much as kids 🙂 x

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