Posted by: Shireen | October 18, 2011

A Bee-ism from Little Bee

Mama Bee to Little Bee (after she had counted all the steps outside the house): “Wow, Little Bee! That was great counting! You are such a star!”

Little Bee to Mama Bee: “No, Mama. I am a Moon.”

My little Bee is speaking in sentences…..I can hardly believe it! And she is using all her new found words to tell us that she is not planning on blending in with the crowd.
I imagine that she has been waiting all these months to tell us what is going on inside her head….it must be such an amazing feeling to finally be able to communicate.
It’s something we just take for granted, but watching Little Bee trying so hard to find the just right word to say what she wants us to understand has reminded me how careful I need to be with the words I choose to use with her and with other people.

Hello friends and readers….I am back, if you will have me 😉



  1. great post and so to the exact point. Language is a gift and we sometimes forget the impact of it on the universe. Great parenting, two of you, you see the rewards in your little person.

  2. Glad Mama bee found her words too.

  3. Yippee! The bees are back – missed your posts and hearing all about what Little Bee is up to these days!

  4. Yay! Yay for being a moon, yay for words and yay for posts! The first t-shirt day in London seems like ages ago…and I’ve got my scarf out now! 🙂 xx

  5. Thanks, Trisha! Its been a while! I missed writing too! x

  6. Thanks mum….for replying 30 seconds after I had posted 😉

  7. Love it! This is tied with ‘it’s raining bubbles!’ said by little bee at her second birthday. The girl has a way with words. Welcome back bees of london!

  8. Thanks, BumbleBee! x

  9. I know, right? I skipped the whole summer…teeshirt days are long gone. But at least we had a few surprise ones this Fall in London!

  10. Glad you’re writing again. And little bee is the best. Miss her too much.

  11. Thanks, Yas. It feels so good to write again…thanks for the encouragement x

  12. wow! This must be so exciting for you – sure am glad you are writting again – I really miss the “Mira Digests” Love Bai

  13. Thanks, Bai! Will hopefully be better with the posts!

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