Posted by: Shireen | April 6, 2011

The First Tee Shirt Day in London

Some people might complain that there isn’t enough sun in London, and I agree….its way too dull and grey in this city.  But…

When the sun does come out, the city participates in a crazy kind of collective worship of the big yellow guy.  The picnic blankets come out, the sweaters come off and commuters are actually friendly to each other.  Yes, I said it.  On a sunny day in the city, Londoners are actually friendly to each other!

You see, if we had sunny days everyday in London, people would just get so excited and friendly, their heads would explode and the city would come to a stand still for sure!  So in order to keep the sanity and the Higher Power decided that we should only have sun on very, extra special days.  (Well, this is what my Yoga teacher and I decided must be the case when we discussed the sunny day at my class today!)

And today was one of those extra special sunny days.  So, because we don’t commute anymore…we spent it at the park on a picnic blanket!

The Primrose Hill Gang



  1. Oh I love London in the sunshine – it completely transforms. Enjoy while it lasts!

  2. Can you send some of the sunshine our way? The picture of the three little ladies at the park is adorable!!

  3. Aww I just love “the gang” I’m just wondering which one could be you, s and me 🙂

  4. I keep waiting for a new post to pop up here! I always enjoy your writing and honest sentiment about motherhood and hope all is well in your break from this blog.

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