Posted by: Shireen | April 1, 2011

Sometimes you just need to put on a new hat….

Warning:  The following is a gushing mummy post, just so you know 😉

I am so enjoying Little Bee’s toddlerhood!  I am convinced that the stage that Little Bee is going through right now is like a nice payback for the madness that is the first 6 to 8 months of a baby’s life.  While I really enjoyed being a new mummy, I still found those little baby months so hard for all the normal reasons (breastfeeding, sleeplessness, getting used to three instead of two, weaning, oh the list goes on….).  But now, Little Bee is the bundle of joy that every new born baby Halmark card promised!

She has started really showing us that she is becoming her own person with likes, dislikes, feelings and personal tastes.  It’s so wonderful watching her thinking about what she wants to say and working through how she will say it so that we understand what she wants.  I love her little thinking face when she is trying to sort it all out.

The Sporty Look

I love how she says, “Wow!” when she sees something that she thinks is really cool.

I love how she has favourite stories that she likes to read.

I love how she serves tea from her tea set to all her little dolls and stuffed animals.

Going fishing

I love how she sings along to pop music while she is playing.  Look out Beyonce!

I love how she laughs her head off when making a joke with her dad.  It’s so amazing to see a sense of humour develop!

And my personal favourite at the moment is that she is totally into hats.  I just went to the charity shops on our high street and picked up some random funny hats for our dress-up box.  She can’t get enough of them!

Garden party, anyone?




  1. She is soooo sweet! How adorable! I particularly enjoy how her baseball hat is backwards….cool Little Bee

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