Posted by: Shireen | March 30, 2011

Things to do with a Little Bee when its pouring with rain outside….

….and we are too sick to visit with friends…

1.  Do some finger painting

2.  Have a tea party with the dolls

3.  Make a bead bracelet

4.  Skype

5.  Dance

6.  Do some yoga

7.  Read Charlie and Lola books over and over and over and over and…….

8.  Make a magazine collage

9.  Bake some cookies together

10.  Build a tent and play inside

11.  Jump off the sofa on to a pile of cushions

12.  Watch music videos and try to dance like that

13.  Look at photos

14.  Play with the duplo and build the tallest tower.

15.  Knock down the tower

16.  Have a tickle-cuddle

17.  Stick stickers on to every flat surface you can find

18.  Help mummy take all the stickers off the coffee table

19.  Play with the playdough

20.  Make a song up with the musical instruments

That should take us up to about 10:30am.  I am taking suggestions for what to do for the rest of the day……



  1. oh man, sounds like far too much time i take a duvet day, I’m coming over xx

  2. We would love to have you over for a day off! Bring your painting apron! xoxo

  3. Puzzle? Throw a ball back and forth? (But be warned, LLC enjoys throwing all things now b/c her daddy has been “training” her with a ball….yikes!)

    I like the idea of a magazine collage – LLC enjoys ripping them up be we haven’t got beyond that 🙂 Is there a certain glue that is good to use with kids?

  4. feel better big bee and little bee, I am sending you lots of get well soup with healing vibes to get you back on track again.

  5. thanks mum 😉

  6. ah, yes….the daddies with sports on their minds! little bee and F are working on kicking a ball in the garden. he is determined to have a soccer player 😉 glue….just a Pritt stick or white school glue. so easy to use….little bee has almost got the hang of it….(um, if you don’t count the time she glued the wall!)

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