Posted by: Shireen | March 25, 2011

Dear So and So….

Dear Sun,

You have your hat on!! Hip Hip Hip Hooray!

With warm wishes from all the patio loving people in L-town xoxo

Dear Bus Driver,

Thank you for letting me ride on the bus for free this morning when I didn’t have any money left on my Oyster Card and no change in my purse.  You have no idea how kind of you that was.  I really hope that the kindness is returned to you sometime very soon!


Mummy with the stroller, hungry toddler and lots of shopping bags

Dear Hampstead Heath,

It is Spring!  I can’t wait for lots of picnics on your lovely green grass.  You must have missed us all winter long!  Maybe this year we can join the kite flyers?

See you very soon,

Little Bee and her tricycle x

Dear London,

You are like a different city in the sunshine!! Every Spring I remember why you are my favourite place to live.  And everyone is happy now that the sun is out!  Someone pass the Pimms and lemonade….

With love,

Bee x

Cherry blossoms in Hampstead



  1. Mmmm… pimms and lemonade.

  2. Ahh yes Pimms 🙂 And what a kind bus driver! He/she surely must be a rarity?!

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