Posted by: Shireen | March 20, 2011

Conversations with plants.

PICT0013, originally uploaded by shireenbee.

I am not so great with keeping plants alive, so we don’t have too many green things in our flat, but when my mum was here, she bought us a daffodil plant and we put it on centre of the table.

Little Bee loved this. We had already been saying Good Morning to the flowers in the garden and the trees on our walk to the park, but now right in front of her on the dinner table were the same little yellow flowers she had seen outside. She greeted them like the old friends that they were and offered them some of her dinner. Yes, you read that right. Little Bee offered her dinner to the flowers.

Since she had such a great bond with the daffodils, we felt it was quite nice to always have flowers at the table, so we often pick up fresh ones on our outings in the day.

Little Bee treats all the flowers at our table to the same dinner time conversations and offerings of food and all with the greatest sincerity. My little Zen Bee baby has reminded us that all living things, animals, people and plants bring beauty into our lives and deserve our care and respect….and also possibly a kind word every now and then.



  1. flowers are my best friends. I love seeing them blossom as the winter ends bringing forth the bright promise of spring.

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