Posted by: Shireen | March 10, 2011

Why Libraries Rock

Little Bee and I went to the local library this morning.  We strolled along our pretty little high street, while she sang a little song that sounded like a re-mix of The Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald.

All was happy in the neighbourhood, until we learned that Camden Council has to make major cutbacks to Library services.  25% of services will be cut over the next two years.   Noooooooooooo!!!!

We love going to the library.  I love the warm, friendly environment where Little Bee feels secure and contented surrounded by caring librarians, cushions, toys and books.  A perfect place to spend a dreary London morning.  She has learned to sing at the library Rhyme Time sessions, and I have watched her grow so much here…from just sitting in my lap listening to the songs, to being able to do all the actions to If You Are Happy And You Know It and she even busted out some great marching this morning to The Grand Old Duke Of York!

I love that this morning when we sang Frere Jacques, two mums showed us how to sing in Italian too!  I love how the librarian always remembers that Little Bee loves ducks and always does an extra duck song when we are there.  I love that we can go there whenever its rainy outside and find someone to play with.  I love that it brings together all the different types of mothers in the community.  I love that the books are free to borrow so that ALL children get a chance at a good start with reading.

Of course you know, that this reason is very close to my heart.  I am a Children’s Literature nut.  My daughter is very fortunate to have inherited my personal collection of children’s literature and I am so grateful (so grateful!)  that we have the means to buy her books whenever we get a chance.  But, there are lots of children in London who aren’t so lucky.  These children need the libraries so they have a fighting chance of starting out at the same level as all the children who are lucky enough to have books at home.  Libraries give parents who don’t have the money to buy books the opportunity to share books with their children.  Access to a range of rich children’s literature can have nothing but a positive effect on a child and improve their chances of doing well in school.  Having a chance in education and in life should be a right for every child, don’t you think?



  1. As soon as I saw the title of your post I knew I would have to comment on this one! The library is pretty much my favourite place in the whole world and we are really lucky to have an incredible one within walking distance of our house. It has been so amazing to introduce the kids to it and to see the love of books and reading develop in both of them. I can’t imagine my life without books and it’s so great to see that both of our kids seem to feel the same way!

    I hope that they somehow find the money to save your library programs. In a world of such fiscal waste, it would be nice if they could find some money for the little things that make such a big difference!

    By the way, as I know you love kids books – have you read this one:

    It’s one of my favourites – and a must-have for any mom with a little girl!

  2. The above blogger gave her mother this book long before little bee was a twinkle in the sky and this nani loved it, it made her cry when she read it.
    Shame on governments that often think libraries are a luxury, if only they had some foresight, but that is having a high expectation of civil servants.
    good luck with becoming active about this.

  3. I LOVE Someday….it’s one of my faves! I found it years ago and gave it to my mum for Mother’s Day one time. Then she bought me a copy when Little Bee was a few months old. Alison McGhee has another one called So Many Days which is also lovely….its about being brave and knowing you have the ability to do anything. Ooohhh, we could talk forever about kiddie lit! I have a new blog project I am working on that will help this children’s lit addiction of mine….will share more later.

    I too agree that the government could save in so many other areas and become efficient in so many ways in order to keep the library funding. It was reported that there has been over 2 billion spent in overpaying benefits just last year! This is due to fraud and errors. How about they fix that and then spend the money on the libraries? How about investing in the future generation so that they don’t become a generation of people who fake it to get benefits!!!!! Grr….

  4. I love you and admire you more than you know. What an inspiring post xx

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