Posted by: Shireen | February 14, 2011

Just Like Mummy


MVI_1559, originally uploaded by shireenbee.

I was trying to write a blog post about how the sleeping thing is going with Little Bee (Great, btw – with the help of some fabulous mummy friends and my super supportive superhero husband, Little Bee is sleeping from 7pm to 7am!!!! Can you even believe it?? The world is in colour now that we have had a full night’s sleep!)

But then I thought that would turn into a spilling my guts about why I found it so hard to sleep train and how I was wrong about needing to let go and teach Little Bee how to put herself to sleep…..oh, it would just be so serious and on the first lovely sunny day in February, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day, I just didn’t want to get into it.

But one thing I will say is that now the sleeping issue is sorted, I can finally start really enjoying my Little Bee….awake!!!

So here to celebrate my baby growing up into a little girl and me not missing a single thing because I am actually awake and alert, is a short video of Little Bee while we were cooking (note the little apron 😉 ).
We had finished making our lasagna and so she decided to make a quick call before dinner, as you do 😉

P.S. What’s with the Indian accent? I am not judging….just wondering….




  2. Totally adorable! I love the apron…I need one like that for me!!

    I’m glad to hear that the sleeping issue has been resolved. I would be interested to read about it if you ever decided to blog that one. Did you end up sleep training? Enjoy your new-found sleep and all the wonderful things you can do now that you have other things to think about other than how tired you are. Having been there, I know…it’s a game changer!

  3. Getting some sleep is a TOTAL game changer! I know – I do have to write about that part of the journey. Its just that it is so recent that I think I am still processing my reaction to the whole thing. One thing, though – I could not have gotten through it in one piece without my lovely mommy friends sharing their stories (you being one of them!)….it is so good to know that you are not alone in these mad days, right? x

  4. Aw, thanks! She keeps us quite entertained 😉

  5. Agreed! TOTAL game changer. I’m happy to announce that after sleep training I’m wearing matching socks again! Thanks to you bee for your support through sleep training Z – I feel myself again. This video is too cute. hi, hi, hi, hi….just loving it and watching it over and over again! I will need a video of ‘nomo, nomo, nomo’ so please post that next!

  6. Oh bee. thank you for your support…messaging me each naptime and bedtime checking to see if it had gone well or crumbled into disaster! you are the bestest bee ever! nomo nomo nomo…madness! will see if i can catch it on video 😉

  7. Hi! hi hi. Haiyo! She’s so cute!! I can’t believe how grown up she’s gotten since the fall. She’s looking more and more like her mamma!

    I’m so glad to hear she’s sleeping through the nite. 12hrs – that’s really impressive and you must be feeling so much better too. I still have to figure out how to do that myself!! ha ha!

    Love you!

  8. Oh, she is so so so sweet! I love the apron too. Little girls and phones, eh? An inevitable relationship. So happy to hear that you are now getting more solid sleep. Since becoming a mama I have heard many and very different stories about how to get children to bed…and it does seem to vary a lot on the child too, though I agree the advice sharing is so important in getting fresh ideas and keeping us all sane! At least it was for me. Thankfully LLC is sleeping through the night…I don’t know how I used to cope with all those night feedings!

  9. i think we’ve watched this a million times and just cant get enough of it. love her too much…

  10. Thanks girlies…she is so funny isn’t she? Oh well, I did ask for one with personality! Yes, the sleeping is wonderful…I can’t believe we survived 18 months of not one night of proper sleep! Its such a gift that she is able to put herself to sleep now.

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