Posted by: Shireen | December 21, 2010

Re: Sleeping and stuff

Dear Little Bee

This is your mother here.

Know that you have brought us more joy than we ever thought possible and for that, we could never thank you.  You have shown us the world through your very cute, innocent eyes and it is an amazing, mind blowing experience.

But I do have a small bone to pick with you, I am sorry.

Ever since you arrived on a very hot day in August, your daddy and I have tried very hard to make sure that we have anticipated your every need.

And oh boy, have we researched!

We have read Gina Ford…to…Dr Sears. We have asked our parents and aunties and friends what secrets they have.

We have listened to those experts who tell us to cry it out and those ones who tell us to co-sleep until you are ready to leave the family bed.

We keep Amazon in business with the amount of books we order about helping your child sleep.

We have bookmarked all the best baby sites on the Internet and consult them on a regular basis.

We have debated the setbacks and benefits of hiring a sleep nanny to sleep train you.

We have perfected your nap/food/snack schedule.

We have a calm, relaxed bedtime routine that involves a bubble bath, lots of cuddles, lots of storybook reading, calm bedtime music, some singing and making sure that we put you in the crib when you are drowsy, not fully sleeping.

We have helped you attach yourself to a soft muslin cloth from your babyhood that smells like us as well as Baby (your favourite soft toy to take to bed)

We put Camomilla in your milk as well as Rescue Remedy for babies (a Bach flower remedy for relaxation).

We even give you baby painkillers/teething gel when you are teething!

We make sure that you have a fun and energy-exerting social schedule filled with just the right amount of activity to entertain you and help you learn without exhausting you.

We shush and pat you so much that your dad probably tells that to his clients when he is having a tiring day at work.

And yet you are not sleeping.

Okay, to be fair you did sleep so nicely for a while.  The world was renewed for us because we regained the sleep we had lost.  We thank you for that.

But then at 15 months, you decided to wake every two hours after 12:30 at night!!  And it hasn’t stopped.  Why, oh, why?

If you could think about, in between learning to talk, playing with your Baby, learning to be a social being, learning to use crayons and finger paint and stick stickers, role playing with your tea set and your baby stroller, learning to build towers and knock them down, playing under tents, learning your colours and learning to feed yourself….do  you think you could think about maybe fitting in there something about having a full night’s sleep?

We would really appreciate it, because we really do not have any more tricks up our sleeves.

We love you forever and even if you are too busy to think about our request, you will still be perfect to us.  But we just thought we would ask.

Love from Mummy and Daddy xoxo



  1. yes I really feel your sleep debt, which you will not catch up on in the next little while. But wait a minute, Nani is visiting in February so you will have 10 or so days of “sleep” and food.

  2. so sweet…although I have never met you and baby bee, I feel like i know you! you seem to be an amzing mom and baby bee is so blessed just as you are to have someone so special….
    I hope that when i have a baby i can be just as wonderful of a mom as you…
    hope you get some sleep 😉

  3. thank you! i am actually so blessed to have a little munchkin like little bee and when you have your little penguin, she/he will be lucky to have you too! as a special christmas eve present, little bee slept really well last night! she must have listened to my letter 😉

  4. thanks, nanni bee! we are looking forward to seeing you….little bee has a lot of tricks to show you!

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