Posted by: Shireen | December 14, 2010

11 Things

I am writing a blog post everyday, inspired by Reverb10.  The guys at Reberb10 write a prompt for each day to help reflect on the year that has passed and to contemplate the year ahead.  Prompt #11 asks What 11 things my life does not need in 2010?

I can’t think of this post in that way….its just not working for me!  I am going to try it the other way.  Here are 11 things that my life does need in 2011….in no particular order….

11.  More sleep!!!!!!!!

10.  Less worrying about and more enjoying of the lovely creature that I spend my days with.  Actually this is happening more and more these days – I seem to be getting the hang of letting it go.

9.  More time with friends and family.

8.  More dedication to writing in all forms….

7.  More yoga and quiet time for me.

6.  More date nights with my F.  We have the most wonderful babysitter and have been really enjoying being back in London with a night most weeks dedicated to just us (or us and friends) and no baby talk!

5.  More adventures in London and abroad with my little family.  Woo hoo!  More travelling!!!

4.  More dressing up, building tents, finger painting, sticker sticking, dancing to Justin Beiber, eating playdough fun with Little Bee.

3.  More concentrating on those people who really matter, rather than worrying about the people that don’t.

2.  More being grateful.

1.  More laughing.  Not that I don’t laugh right now.  I do – especially when Little Bee grabs my underwear off the clothes dryer, puts them on her head and then proceeds to run up and down the hall, yelling, “Hat! Hat! Hat!”

Its just that it feels so nice that I would like even more of it!



  1. I do remember someone else wearing their knickers for a hat!!

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