Posted by: Shireen | December 13, 2010


Reverb10 is challenging bloggers to reflect on their year in 2010 by writing a blog post every day for the rest of the year.  I am finally almost caught up!!  Prompt #10 is Wisdom.  What wise decision did I make this year?  What did I learn?

I have made the decision to try to remember that I am not in charge.

Easy to say, right? Not so easy to do.  Especially for me.  Everyone know that teachers are a little bit bossy and like to be in charge 😉

Well, I didn’t say I had mastered it, I just said I had decided to try to remember that I am not in charge.

For the last year or so I have been learning how to be a mum.  I keep thinking that if I do this a little differently or tweak that a little bit, I will be able to produce a child who sleeps through the night, who is friendly, who is gentle, who isn’t a fussy eater, who falls asleep without rocking….oh you know that the list goes on.

For a while I kept thinking that whatever wasn’t working was because I was missing something somewhere and that if I could only get it right, I would have that baby and be that mother that they write about in the baby books.

I wonder how many hours I spend worrying that Little Bee hasn’t eaten protein all week, or how long she took to master the sippy cup, or when she would finally stop poking her finger into everyone’s eye, or this is the best one…wondering when she will finally let us get a full night’s sleep….

Well, guess what? Slowly (verrrry slowly) I have learned that while all my effort does help us in bringing up Little Bee, the reality is that I will never be able to control her development totally.  What I do manage to do is stress everyone out (including Little Bee) with my worries about the particular phase she is in.

And this is the key….its a phase.  I finally get it.

To prove it all, and to let me know who is really in charge, after weeks of not eating anything but pees and pasta, one day Little Bee decided to eat three whole spicy Nando’s chicken wings without a peep!!  That was the beginning of protein in Little Bee’s life.

Waste of weeks of worrying, I tell you!



  1. if your a first time mom then its hard and does get easier as the days n years go by..

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