Posted by: Shireen | December 10, 2010


I taking up the challenge of writing a blog post everyday for the rest of the year with Reverb10.  I started late, so I am still in catch up mode!!

Prompt #7 is Community.  Where have you discovered community this year?

Hmm, so this year we moved from Switzerland to London.

F and I both found Switzerland really hard.  We missed the community that we had in London, the friends that we had built over seven(for me) and nine (for F) years of living here.  We almost yearned to be back in London.

But I did make friends in Switzerland.  I met three amazing women.  These women were all different ages – one a year younger than me, one in her mid thirties with young children and one in her fifties with children about to leave for university.  All of us were in different stages of our lives dealing with four very different situations.  One found out she had breast cancer, one was trying to find a way to stay with her partner, despite many circumstances trying to keep them apart, one who had children leaving home for university and then myself who journeyed through pregnancy and early motherhood with these women.  But somehow we did manage to build a community.  We crossed each other’s lives for a really short time, but in that time a special bond was created.  We met each other at a pivotal moment in each of our lives and were able to share a little support with each other.  It was beautiful, really. These women were my community.

I am happy to be home in London, but I do miss the sense of belonging that I felt with the three friends I met in Switzerland.  I don’t think it was coincidence that we met for a few crazy months during those particular life changing moments in our lives.


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