Posted by: Shireen | December 9, 2010

Let Go

Reverb10 Prompt #5

Yes, I am still in catch up mode.  The prompt for December 5th was Let Go.  What have you let go of in 2010.

This year, I have made the choice to step out of my career as a teacher and become a Stay At Home Mummy.

This was a really difficult decision for me, since I am a mad, passionate teacher.  I LOVE my job.  But after having Little Bee, something unexpected happened….I loved being with her TOO!

Oh, what is a girl to do?  After much humming and ha-ing and a little bit of crying, I chose Little Bee and said goodbye to the world of white board pens and lesson plans and hello to the world of play dates and diapers.  I am still a teacher from the inside out, but I have let go of the idea that my career has to run in a certain path, that it can be flexible.

I have embraced this new world of mummy-ness.  I have let go of worrying about what I might be missing in my career if I take these years off with Little Bee and think about all that I am gaining being with her everyday.  My career will be there whenever I need it, I will not get these years with my little one back.  And she is just to yummy to pass up on!

Bring on the play dough!!


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