Posted by: Shireen | December 8, 2010


Reverb10 Prompt #4

The prompt asks how did I cultivate a sense of wonder in my life this year?

Well, I don’t really have to look far!  I have been blessed with Baby Bee, who I should now call Little Bee, since she is no longer a baby!

I am really constantly amazed by her.

I used to read all those interviews with celebrities where they would say cliché things like they were experiencing the world through the eyes of their child and blah blah. But now I know that they were actually sincere about it!  Yes, this is me agreeing with celebrity mothers!  Sigh.

So this is my favourite thing to observe Mira doing.  When she used to look in the mirror, she used to think that it was another baby in there, so we would wave and say hi.  Slowly she started realising that it was actually her in the mirror and the most wonderful thing started to happen….she started to kiss her own face in the mirror!

This fills me with amazement.  She looks at herself, points and says, “Mama” (she calls herself Mama, remember?), has a little laugh, points again and then leans in for the kiss.  As she leans back, she gives herself an approving smile before toddling off to another game. She thinks that she is pretty wonderful.

And she could do this all day.  Its as if every time she sees herself, its like the first time!

There is a totally different sequence of events that occur when I look in the mirror and there are no kisses or approving glances, that is for sure.

When do we stop thinking we are so fabulous and start being so critical in the mirror? I think I need to let a little of her wonder at herself rub off on me!

So yes, watching Little Bee does cultivate in me, a sense of amazement and wonder.  Lucky me that I get to be with my little teacher every day!



  1. I miss Mira!

  2. and you too.

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