Posted by: Shireen | December 7, 2010


I am challenging myself  to write a blog post everyday for the rest of this year with Reverb10…and Prompt#2 is Writing.  What do I do everyday that does not contribute to my writing?

I do a lot of things that don’t contribute to my writing.

The main thing is that I just don’t do it.  Every writer that ever was, every book about writing, every expert on writing says that you should write everyday…doesn’t matter what, just write.  This is the thing that I do not do.  I don’t write enough and I find excuses not to write.  I am busy/tired/have to tend to Baby Bee/have to spend time with Papa Bee/have to call a friend/have to email my mother/have to defrost a chicken…..Even though writing is one of the things that I need to do to feel complete.

So since the idea of this challenge is to reflect honestly about the past year, I am going to be bluntly honest about myself.

Its a strange thing to say – that I don’t write even though it is something that makes me feel better.  But here is the problem – I am scared.  I am scared about putting the writing out there.  My writing.  So when I write, I always worry that someone out there is going to think…who does she think she is? Writing a blog, thinking that other people want to read her random thoughts?  Then I worry and try to write what I think other people would want to read, instead of writing what I want to say.  And that is where it goes wrong.  I get blocked and can’t write.

So why do I do that?  I am not sure.  Everyone is a little crazy on the inside, right?  Yes, and before you say it, I do have a bunch of the crazies!  I psych myself out like that because pushing your writing out like this is scary.  Its a little like changing into your pyjamas without pulling the blinds down  (I am not saying whether I actually do this or not!)….you are sending a little piece of yourself out there for the world to see, whether they like it and come back for more is not the point.  The point is that it could be seen as brave/silly/showing off/exciting/boring/thrilling….but you do it anyway!

So will I try to write a little more next year….I will try.  I will try to practice more without worrying about who sees and who cares.  I care – that should be enough.



  1. While I might be bias, I’ve always thought you were/are a great writer, can’t wait to read your upcoming posts 🙂

  2. I think you’re a fab writer and I like reading your posts. I feel like I still know what’s going on with you, even though we dont get to connect as often as I’d like. keep on writing.

  3. you are one of the best writers I know! I am always so excited to see that you’ve written a new post for your blog, and I am so excited that you’re trying to write everyday! It makes me feel connected to you, even though we’re so far away…

  4. thank you, Y, F and ayisha, for your lovely comments. i love writing for you x

  5. well I think you’re the best writer since sliced cheese or bread. keep on writing mama and dada’s not so bad at writing either. I look forward to reading your blogs and F’s ocassionally!!

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