Posted by: Shireen | December 7, 2010

One Moment

I am challenging myself with Reverb10.  The deal is to write a blog post for each day in December reflecting on the year, but since I am a few days late…I am in catch up mode!

Prompt #3 is What moment did you feel most alive this year?

This is cheesy so I will make it short.  At the end of the day, when we hear the key in the door to let us know that Dadda Bee is home,  Baby Bee drops anything that she is doing and runs to the hall to meet him.  He grabs her and lifts her up into a huge hug and in return she gives him the biggest grin in the world.

For a little while, she only wants him and if I interupt their little moment, BB lets me know that she needs a bit more time with her Dadda.  But after a few minutes, she holds out her arms for a cuddle and then we do a big family hug.  Baby Bee points from me to F and back again, saying, “Mama.  Dadda. Mama.”  (She calls herself Mama, right now….I guess Mira is still a little tricky to say!)

The moment when Baby Bee could show us that she understood the meaning of family.  Our little – not always perfect, but perfect for us – family.

Told you it was cheesy.




  1. love love 🙂

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