Posted by: Shireen | December 6, 2010

One Word

I am challenging myself to write a blog post every day for the rest of this year with Reverb10….and the first prompt is….

One Word to describe this year.

This year, my word is Return.

Return to London, after a year and a half in Switzerland, where our little baby was born between the mountains and the lake in Geneva.  I was itching to get back to the buzz of London and it has been a busy bee summer, settling in and getting to know our city again.  All the secrets that we used to know are a little changed, but still there, and now that Baby Bee is with us, we are learning to navigate London with a little one.  Sometime fun, sometimes not, but always adventurous!

Return to my relationship with F.  Having a new addition to the family is so amazingly wonderful, but getting used to the new set up takes time and I will admit, is not always easy.  This year was the Return to us – and I am loving it.

Return to me.  Having a baby changes your inside and outside.  Finally, I feel like myself again…most of my old clothes fit (yay!) and I feel like there is a little bit more time to have my own thoughts.  I am not the exact same me, but I feel like I am through the fog of early motherhood.  I am returning to the me that I was missing….the inside and outside parts!

Next year’s word?  I have to get back to you on that one…give me a few days.

See you tomorrow x



  1. Yay! So excited 🙂 I’ve missed you on here very much xxx

  2. Hoorah! I love reading your posts, so I’m very excited about your challenge! xx

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