Posted by: Shireen | September 10, 2010

Letter to Little Bee at Age 1 from your Mummy (or Mem as you call me).

August 15th, 2009

Dear Mira,

I can’t believe you are 1!! When you were first born, everyone would say…enjoy this time…this time is so short…..she will be a toddler before you know it….its a wonderful time…..

And I didn’t believe them.  In fact I was mad at people for saying all this warm, fluffy stuff about babyhood when they weren’t the ones dealing with mad colic, trouble with breast feeding, baby acne, night wakings almost every two hours some nights, and the gas pains that kept you awake at night almost killed us!  While we were so happy to have you in our lives, we wanted to just get passed the exhausted early days and into the green pastures of less spit up, and easier bedtimes.

Well, as we soon learned, among so many other things, we couldn’t just “get passed” it all, we had to walk slowly through to the other side of six months. During that time you taught me to sloooooooow down, to make the most of every moment, to observe you, to listen, to worry less about the schedule and more about tummy time and to keep on top of the laundry pile to avoid drowning in dirty burp cloths.  Sometimes we would just look at your little face…when you were finally sleeping…. and just wonder how we could have made such a perfect and beautiful creature.

Well, you rewarded us with getting rid of the puking every five minutes, sleeping more (not always all night), and growing some hair!  Yay! You are so social…you spend time with everyone and make them feel special.  I love that you are comfortable with all our friends and family.  You greet all visitors with such joy that it makes their day.  No-one can be grumpy around you! How do you do that so well?

You have taken up space in every part me, our home and our bed!  You have turned our world which we used to think was quite amazing as it was, and made it into something that we could have never even imagined.  Your dad likes that song by Kelis called Acapella.  One of the lines goes…”Before you, my whole life was acapella…”.  That is exactly how you made us feel.  And you took me totally by surprise with that one.

I have loved watching you find out about the world.  Your innocence and intelligence amazes me.  You have found out more about the yourself, us and the world than we could ever do in one year.  You went from not being able to do a thing, to almost walking, feeding yourself, saying some words, putting triangle blocks in triangle shaped holes, roaring when we say “lion”, turning the pages in a book, and doing all the actions to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in just one year.  If grown ups could be that productive, we would actually have world peace by now!

I have never cried so much in one year.  I could have filled buckets!  But I have never laughed so much either.  That is the best part…the laughing with you.  All of us together, laughing.  That, and the cuddles.

Happy Birthday, Little Bee!!  Thank you for the most crazy but in sanely amazing year.

I love you so much I could eat you!

Love Mummy/Mem 😉



  1. What a lovely letter!

    I love the bit about her bringing joy to other people, and making them feel special – that’s such an amazing skill babies have isn’t it?

    I also love that having met you, I can read your posts in your voice! It makes them much more personal and moving 🙂

    x x

  2. She does make me feel special every time I walk through the door. My favourite part though – is definitely laughing with her…real or fake laughs – all are great! 😀

  3. But you are special shaleen masi!

  4. I know what you mean…when I read your writing, I feel the same way! Thanks Jo x

  5. great letter to Mira and I know she will treasure all your musings, you are such a great mother and just follow Mira’s lead, she’s your teacher.

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