Posted by: Shireen | July 14, 2010

Baby Bee’s Best Buys Episode 2

Baby Bee is eleven months old…..and I have loved the 6 months to a year space in her life.  Yes, there was teething and yes, we are still struggling with sleeping all through the night, and there is the gas from all the new foods she is eating, and the meal times.  What can I say?  The mess is inconceivable!

Best bits:  learning to walk, standing alone, baby chatter turning into real words, clapping, doing the actions to Twinkle Twinkle, Five Little Ducks and Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer, waving goodbye, blowing kisses.  I am loving it!

Along the way, we have gathered some really cool stuff to help make the journey a little easier and a little more fun! I already shared some of our favourites from the early days in Episode 1, but here are some of our faves from the last few months, dedicated to all my friends who are and nearly are mummies.

Warning:  long post.

1.  The Ergo Baby Carrier

While we loved our Baby Bjorn for the first few months, Little Bee got bigger and it wasn’t fun for the back.  After lots of searching, we found the Ergo carrier.  It is fantastic.  So simple to use, it’s like putting on a back pack and really comfortable.  At the moment we are wearing BB on the front, but the Ergo works just as well on the back too.  Plus it folds up nice and small and fits in the bottom of the stroller so nicely.  I am in love!

2.  The Brush-Baby toothbrush

Okay, so I realise I am a little neurotic about brushing teeth.  Not such a fan on flossing, unfortunately!   So of course when Baby Bee got her little pearlies, we tried to brush them after her last milk feed.  She wasn’t having any of it, until I remembered that a friend had sent me this brush months ago.  It says on the packet that the baby will even want to brush her own teeth.  Yeah, right, you think.  But its true!  We put the brush into her hand and she started brushing and chewing away.  Is it the BPA free rubbery bristles or the perfect crescent shape of the brush.  Who knows?  But it works, trust me.  Bonus:  it helps with teething pain.

3.  The Tot Seat cloth high chair

This I found while browsing in our local fancy baby stuff baby shop.  It is an adjustable cloth high chair that attaches to any type of dining chair.  This means that I can take BB to any restaurant, even if they don’t have a high chair.  Before she turned nine months, I could just hold her on my lap for the meal, but now she wants her own space (and lets face it, so do I) and this high chair is perfect.  It folds up into a tiny little pouch that fits in my diaper bag or even my purse.  We took it on vacation with us and it was perfect for feeding at the apartment or hotel  when a high chair wasn’t provided.

4.  The Doidy Cup

Baby Bee, being the unique child that she is, refused to drink from a sippy cup and so we tried giving her a regular cup.  She liked it, but found it hard to know when the liquid was coming out, and so we all got very wet every time we had to practice drinking.  This Doidy cup is slanted so that she can predict when the water is coming out.  It works a dream, that is all I have to say.

5.  The Born Free sippy cup

So BB finally started using a sippy cup.  More on that in the next post, but until then, just know that after trying possibly 6 different kinds of cups, this one wins.  And of course it is BPA free.

6.  The Outlook stroller shade

I won’t discuss the loss of the Bugaboo Bee :(, but I will say that the Bee has a great hood on it to protect from sun and rain. We love the Maclaren stroller.  Now we use our Maclaren all the time, since it is our main stroller and I have to say I do love it.  But the one thing I don’t like is that the sun shade does practically nothing and the sun shines right into my Little Bee’s eyes.  Enter the Outlook stroller shade.  It neatly attaches to the hood of the stroller (any stroller) and creates a better sun shade.  Plus, it is UVA protected.  It has been a life saver this hot, British summer.

7.  The Boon drying rack

Oh, it is just so cute.  It doesn’t look like those regular, dull drying racks.  It looks like a little patch of grass which is so much fun to have in the kitchen.  Great design and very practical too.

8.  Beaba Portions Freezer Dish

It’s like an ice-cube tray with very large cubes and it is soft so that the frozen cubes are easy to push out.  We use it all the time when I make big batches of food for BB and it makes life so much easier so that I can spend time doing other fun things!

9.  Thermos Food Jar

Love this!!  I can warm up BB’s food on the stove and plonk it in here.  It stays warm and fresh for up to 4 fours.  I love it because it means that when we are out and about, I don’t have to worry about finding a place to warm up the food and then wait for it to cool down and blah blah.  This way it is ready whenever I need it.

Okay, that’s all for now, folks!  If you have any tried and tested products that you use that make life with baby easier, I would love to know!




  1. Love the ergo baby! I can put Maya in it and she’s four! The sleeping hood is genius!

  2. I know – its fab!! Good to know we can use it for so long too.

  3. Love all the tips…need to hunt down that toothbrush, stroller cover and stroller;) Thx for the tips!

  4. Patty, if you can’t find the brush, I’ll send you one from here. X

  5. Great, Bee! I will print out and prepare for baby teeno’s arrival in September. To add to this list, Shireen Bee’s phone number on speed dial!

  6. Lol. Shelbee, I am not an expert at all, but I promise to be on the other end of the speed dial x

  7. We are just about to hit 6 months so this is timely! Love the look of the Doidy cup since any water I try from the sippy cups just goes straight down LLC.

  8. I used the doidy cup for you and your bro when you were babies. Ahh!! some things never change. How was the conference and your presentation?

  9. Love it!! You’re on your way to mommy blogger of the year. Will have to save all these for the future 🙂
    I was so excited to read about your conference presentation too – that’s awesome!

  10. LOVE the doidy! Little Bee has finally got the hang of a sippy cup, but on the days when she refuses it, she still loves the doidy!

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