Posted by: Shireen | July 7, 2010

Super Cybermummy 2010

I almost didn’t have a ticket – and might have missed the magic at Cybermummy 2010.

I have been blogging for 4 years, can you believe it?  Well at first I started blogging with the kids in my year 6 class.  I would write to them each week and then they would plan their own comment and posts to write too.  Purpose for writing, right?  It inspired them to write, so I did it with the next class I had too.   Then I started my own blog to share my random thoughts….

I don’t write often and have only a very small following that consists of my best friends, my hubby and my mum!!

So when one of my blog posts, Tell me what I used to know,  was chosen to read during the crowdsourced key-note speech at Cybermummy, I was psyched that I would be able to share my writing with a real live audience!  How amazing it was to read to fellow mummies who really understood what I was writing about.  I was nervous, but it was such a wonderful, supportive crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and hearing other bloggers read their writing too.  It was such a rare glimpse into someone else’s life from their point of view.

What a great experience it has been to meet so many amazing women who are from all over the UK and who are doing such wild and wonderful things with their blogs.  It was so empowering to see what women can do while breastfeeding, making dinner, doing some finger painting, making a fancy dress outfit, giving the baby a bath and simultaneously helping the other two with homework.

I don’t know why it took me so long to find British Mummy Bloggers!!

Being surrounded by so many women (not really a man in sight!) and so many positive, happy, smiling, emotional women, made me feel so proud.  Proud that we had all pulled all nighters with the baby, cuddled a toddler after a fall, snuggled away a nightmare, cried as we left our baby at daycare for the first time and then also been a wife, a sister a friend and a daughter to everyone else.  Proud that we were all brave enough to put our thoughts and feelings into writing and then send it out into the world like one of our babies!

The best thing I learned from meeting so many different kinds of mummies at the conference is that I didn’t give up the rest of me when I became a mum.  I can be a teacher, a writer, a reader, a wife, a friend and a mummy.

And I can make a fancy dress outfit too, if I want to!  Thank you Cybermummy!



  1. And now you have me following you too! Not in a stalkery way. That came out wrong…

    If having a baby at 17 taught me anything, it was that you definitely don’t have to give up any other part of yourself – you just have an extra bit 🙂

  2. A brilliant post, you summarise so well what makes mummy bloggers so great! I can’t wait to get the chance to meet some of you sometime soon x

  3. thanks! it was an awesome experience. so inspiring!

  4. an extra bit…hmmm, i like it! i will try not to think of it as that little bit extra on my hips!!
    i am okay with being stalked 😉 did that come across as creepy?

  5. Not at all! I love having stalkers – it makes me feel special 🙂

  6. Shireen it was so nice to meet you and chat at CyberMummy! You did your keynote reading proud and I’ll def be back to read more here. xx

  7. So nice to meet you Shireen and glad you found us!

  8. Thank you so much! I am so happy to have found you guys x

  9. Thank you, Tanya! Great to meet you and love the dress x

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