Posted by: Shireen | July 6, 2010

Baby Bee at 11 months old

I can’t believe that Baby Bee is almost eleven months old!!  She amazes me everyday and I am so grateful that F works so hard so that I can stay home and take care of her.

I have to say I do get a little lump in my throat when I see other mummies in Waitrose, in the park or at baby group with a tiny little three month old.  It’s because I am remembering myself at that time.  I was such a basketcase…no sleep, a muslin burb cloth on my shoulder and BB undoubtedly with spit up somewhere on her top!  I think I must have had a worried look permanently tattooed on my face too.  Everything worried me – her reflux, her cradle cap, her colic…..I am actually surprised I made it out in one piece!! F always had confidence that the stage would pass, but it just felt like time stood still for me and I was seeing the world through a tired haze.

But when I see those new new mummies, I do also feel a little warm feeling creep over me, remembering those days spend curled up on the sofa, breast feeding for what felt like the whole day and watching reruns of The Gilmore Girls.  Baby Bee would fall asleep on my lap and I would just watch her perfect, beautiful face as she slept.  (Okay, I still do that last part!  She is just so yummy!)

But let me tell you, the days just get better and better with this kid.

Now look at this!  Eleven months later….

Baby Bee on the Swings

Brave enough to go on the swing alone!  No reflux, spit up, cradle cap or colic in sight!!  Phew!



  1. what a lovely reflective entry and as usual a pleasure to read. You are the best writer the opposite side of the pond

  2. as worried as you might have been you were also amazingly confident and in control. You never let Mira know you were worried and I think that’s why she’s confident and daring enough to do things like go on the swing by herself cause she know’s her mum is around.

  3. Hello! I just wanted to say that I found you! It was lovely meeting you on Saturday x x

  4. darn it! and i even had your lovely little card that i advertised to all on the back of my name card!! that makes me slow….and you right on top of things 😉 so great to meet you too – and i hope to stay in touch too x

  5. Ahhh, this really struck a cord. I am always looking at other people’s ‘little’ babies, I was even doing it when she was a few weeks old! I still can’t believe she has more of a ‘toddler’ look now, but you’re right it just gets funner! x

  6. I remember watching The Gilmore Girls while we sat on the settee feeding, burping, throwing up and the gasworks.

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