Posted by: Shireen | June 13, 2010

Banana Bread Baby

People keep telling me that Baby Bee looks like this part of me and that part of F and a quarter of my mother’s nose and F’s grandmother’s eyes (although it did scare me quite a bit when I saw Mira right after the birth – she looked just like F’s grandmother and I thought I had given birth to a little old woman!).  Or that she has a stubborn streak like me (heehee) and is friendly like her father.  Or that her eyes are F’s shape but have my expression….so on and you get it.

At first it is fun trying to figure out what she got from who when friends and family meet her for the first time…and I know F and I are just as excited, looking for parts of ourselves in Mini Bee.

But here is a thought.  How about she is just a whole new person who takes ingredients from F and I, but is actually just all Mira…a whole new, extra special, unique person, who might be a little like us, but really all her.

I like to think of her as a banana bread.  We gave her all the ingredients, you know, the sugar, butter, flour and bananas.  We popped her in the oven and after a little while, out came Baby Bee…the banana bread!  While the banana bread was made from familiar ingredients, after being baked, it looked and tasted very different from the flour, sugar and bananas that it started out as, right?

So I am going to stop saying she has my hair or F’s smile because she actually has her own hair and her own smile.  She might have a little bit of me and a little bit of him, but she is all new and improved and a very unique version of her.  I might have helped to make her, but she is now making her own impression on the world and I think she tastes rather sweet!



  1. Nice post.

    I think part of it is Darwinian and survival of the fittest, we want to see that part of us will live on in our children. But yeah, sometimes we do it too much – and by we I mean me 😉

  2. Oh the wonder of a tiny baby. A part of me can’t believe my tiny baby is about to go clear across the US for college, away from me. She was always a perfect one in my mind, though in her ultrasounds she had a lima bean head and her sister, after birth, had a cone head and her brother, a hopeless blockhead.

    They are each and all perfect, glorious and 1,000% themselves.

    THANK YOU for the reminder!

  3. Thank you, Julie! Even though your children are all grown up, they will always be your perfect babies, right?

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