Posted by: Shireen | June 9, 2010

Bee is Back in Town

It has been a month and we are finally settled in our place in London.  All that is left is to hang the pictures and pass Mira’s old car seat (won’t need it in London!) and her old baby rocker to some friends who are expecting, and the apartment will be complete.

Already we feel more at home in this small London flat than we felt in the beautiful huge apartment in Nyon.  Somehow we just fit better here.  It has taken a while to get back into the swing of things, but it is so nice to be back seeing friends and visiting old haunts of ours.

When people ask, I say I don’t miss Switzerland…I don’t, its true.  But I miss the friends we made and I am so glad that Mira lived her first few months surrounded by the amazing mountains and the beautiful lake …what a great way to begin life!

I miss our friends in Switzerland…the ones that kept me going when I had been up all night with a three month old Baby Bee and couldn’t face leaving the house in the freezing cold winter.  These friends are the ones that saw me at my most exhausted, messy haired, un – makeuped, dressed in leggings and an unflattering shirt self!! They were there the moment Mira was born.   They were there when Mira was a colicy, refluxy tiny beautiful baby….those special new baby, new parent moments are forever engraved in Switzerland and with the friends we met there, never to be forgotten.

Now we are in London and Mira is done with colic, done with reflux and done with spit up…and is ready to make some memories in London!  We are loving parenthood more each day and love being in a city that still has so much to show us, even though we have lived here for years.

It feels good – we are home.


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