Posted by: Shireen | April 21, 2010

Tell me what I used to know

I think the reason we find children so funny/silly/sometimes annoying/creative/hopeful/interesting…. is because they are always so honest about the world.  It’s only when we grow up that we learn to say what people want us to say and do what we think is right, not just what our intuition says.  Children just listen to their intuition all the time.  It is what makes them so amazing.  I have learned this from teaching some amazing children and being a mum for the last 8 months.  It is also what makes them just poop in the bath whenever they feel like it.

So today when I was walking with Baby Bee in our fabulous-rear-facing-so-that-I-can-look-at-her-lovely-face stroller, I asked her this….Tell me what I used to know when I was a baby.

She looked at me and gave me the most beautiful two-little toothy smile and this is what she said:

1.  Learning to crawl takes commitment.  Put that kind of attention and commitment into everything.

2.  Read a book and cuddle with someone you love before bedtime

3.  Fart or burp if you need to.  Stale air never helped anyone have a good night’s rest.

4.  Take naps.  Grown ups always forget this one!

5.  If you feel lonely or feel like crying, just yell for a cuddle.

6.  Eat when you are hungry.  Eat good food.

7.  Be curious about everything.  Try everything once.  Press all the buttons.  But don’t stick fingers in plug sockets.

8.  The person you least expect will be the person who is excellent with babies.  Lesson:  Don’t be judgemental.

9.  I have no control over my environment.  I have to trust that you will make sure I am happy and comfortable.  You should try doing the same.  Lesson:  Trust the universe.

10:  Be flexible.  There doesn’t always have to be a schedule.

11.  You used to be able to suck your own toe and enjoy it.  Exercise and don’t forget your yoga everyday.

12.  This moment only happens once.  Live in it.



  1. Oh, this is wonderful advice Shireen! Thank you. And thank little bee too 🙂

  2. just lovely. mwah! x

  3. Each and every moment with your little bee is teaching you and Farhan about life’s twists and turns, all wrapped up in a loving environment I hope that someday really soon this is going to make its way to a book, these missings are too precious to lose in the ethereal space.
    Can’t wait to see you again.

  4. LOVE IT!! So very true!! Great advice Baby Bee!!

  5. A wonderful post and great to meet you and hear you read it at Cybermummy.

  6. I loved this post at Cybermummy. It was beautiful and so true.

  7. Really enjoyed hearing you read this 🙂

  8. Thank you so much, fellow Cybermummies!! Wonderful to meet you all. Thanks for the support after reading this aloud!! x

  9. I so loved this post when you read it on Saturday. Brilliant!

  10. Thank you! You all are such amazing writers, so it means a lot to hear that x

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