Posted by: Shireen | April 11, 2010

Sunday Night with Mira

Well, I was proud of myself for already writing a post today, but our evening with Mira just had to be documented!

First of all, I spent the day making pureed gourmet food for the next few weeks.  There has never been a baby that ate so well!  There was plum, carrots, chicken, sweet potato, parsley, cinnamon, apple, millet and brown rice.  Not all in the same dish, course!  Mira spent the day hanging with her Daddy, who tried to get her to take liquids from a sippy cup and say the word, “papa” or “dada”, whichever came out first!  Neither of those things actually happened, but not for lack of trying, I tell you.

Anyway, at bathtime, we decided to do a family bath.  Make what you like of it – some people agree with being naked in front of the baby, some don’t.  We just like to have some skin-on-skin time with Mira.  Some schools of thought say that this is good for relationship bonding with baby.

There we were in the bath, all three of us and ducky too, having a grand old bath.  Mira was laughing her head off.

All of a sudden I hear a shriek from the Daddy.  A manly shriek, but a shriek none the less.

“Oh my God! There is poo in this bath!”

Me:  “Are you serious?

Him:  “Why would I make that kind of thing up?”

Mira is laughing her head off in obvious relief to have rid herself of her load.

Me: “Okay we need a plan….”

As little brown nuggets of poop floated around in a our bathtub, we made a plan of attack that involved re-bathing the baby in the baby bath on the floor of the bathroom, capturing the poop nuggets and disposing of them, cleaning the bath tub and re-showering ourselves, while simultaneously giving Mira her massage, changing her into her pjs, getting the milk ready and all the while not letting on that there was anything different about this bedtime than the one yesterday.

Amazingly, we did managed to get the little bundle of joy off to bed after all that.

And when we had finished the whole palava (is that even a word?), we found our supper of roast chicken and sweet potato waiting for us…and it was still hot.



  1. lol that’s absolutely cracks me up – reminded me that when I was about 6-7 years old I thought my little sister’s Alice poo was chocolate. Luckily I held it long enough to examine it before I ate it… and yes… I threw it at my older sister. heh.

    Seems like you guys are settling well on Ldn! Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. BEST POST EVER! god i love her 🙂 xx

  3. You forgot to mention how it took 8 months to finally get me into the bath tub with you both and I ended up getting poo’d on!

  4. Fantastic!!! Love it!!! I have practice the bath in family but never with the “nice” company. They kind of do that on their own for now, phew…. Anyway, theirs is a blessing 😡

  5. I’d say Mira was following in her mother’s footsteps or should I say poo steps!! Dearest Mira, hang in there girl, there’s lots more where it came from.

  6. Ha Ha Ha! That’s hilarious!!
    Mira is too cute 🙂

  7. i laughed *so* hard at this Bee. can’t wait to have y’all back.

  8. That’s just way too cute and funny!! A very unique day indeed!!

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