Posted by: Shireen | February 2, 2010

Nothing like Mum’s cooking.

Remember the days of teenage-hood where we perfected the skill of staying as far away from the parents as possible, when the words and the advice of friends were more precious to us than the advice of a well meaning mother or aunty.  The adults just never understood, did they?

For university, I went 6 hours away from Toronto to Montreal and being on my own was the greatest feeling.  I felt strong and independent and felt like the world was in the palm of my hand.  No need for the help of my parents except for the occasional help with moving apartments each year and a stash of food in the freezer.

Fast forward a few years.  I have a 6 month old baby and live in a small town in Switzerland….and now I really miss having my Mum around!

Mum arrived last week.  F was away on a business trip (and arrived back with Man Flu), and I was tired from being up all night with BB.  I was emotional from giving up breastfeeding, covered in eczema (hormonal or emotional – it was hard to tell) and BB was teething in a huge way!  It was not a pretty picture.

In the space of a week, Mum managed to give me a reiki treatment to help the emotional drama, some herbal tea to help the eczema, help me understand that not breast feeding does not mean the end of bonding for me and BB, organise the kitchen cupboards, get rid of F’s man flu, and cook dinner every night as well as leave us with some rice and curry to eat for two days after she left.  Not to mention that she kept BB entertained all day, taught her to roll over, encouraged some new weaning foods and taught me some new developmental games to play with her.  Phew…not a bad week’s work!

It has taken a long time time to figure out, but  now that I am 31 and have a daughter of my own, my Mum’s words are now the most important ones and only she will do when it feels like its all getting too much!


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