Posted by: Shireen | January 24, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #199 – Yes

This is the perfect day to say Yes.

I have been reading Sunday Scribblings for a while, and kept thinking that I wasn’t yet writer enough to write an entry and share with the world.  Well, today I am saying Yes to Sunday Scribblings….as a step towards writing.

Not saying No teaching right now, but saying Yes to a change while Baby Bee is tiny.

Saying No to a 8-5 and saying Yes to a 24hour a day job that consumes my entire self but in such a huge, but delicious way.

Saying Yes to babies has changed my life.  For a while now, it has been so strange to watch the girl that used to be here before I got pregnant take a backseat, while this new girl has emerged.  One that could never have imagined how vibrant the world has become since Baby Bee arrived.  Yes, it is also sprinkled with poop and diapers and spit up.  And yes, I am more emotional than ever, and more stressed than ever.  This is the hardest job I have ever had.  But also having a baby has helped to me to live only moment for moment….you can’t do anything else when you spend your entire day with a 5 month old.

So I am committing to it.  And I am committing to writing more often than I was.  Things are going to happen this year!  Though I am not sure what yet. And I don’t just mean Baby Bee’s first steps 😉



  1. Just don’t forget to enjoy yourself. We all need some time to relax.

  2. You go! Write with abandon.



  4. lol. thanks, i think!

  5. thank you for the encouragement. it is a scary path some days, right?

  6. i won’t. thank you for the reminder, though

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