Posted by: Shireen | January 18, 2010

Bee’s Best Baby Buys Episode 1

It is raining babies!  I was talking to a friend who is becoming an aunty in just a few months and was telling her all about all the cool things we have come across since Baby Bee arrived.   Not that we think we are experts, but if we have found something useful, we’d like to share the joy.  Afterall, this baby raising job is wonderful, but not easy.  We need to share our resources, right?

Some things we were told by other mummies and daddies and some we figured out by ourselves.    There are probably a tonne more cool things for babies out there, but here are a few that made our first few months with Mira a lot easier.

Please add to the list or pass the list along if you want and keep your eye open for other cool things.

Be warned….very long post!

And this is Episode 1, cuz Mira is only 5.5 months old…and I am sure we will have lots of other things to share too.

Baby Innovations Diaper Changing Mat

This was given to me by my cousin when I was freaking out that a baby was really going to cramp our style in travelling.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to us.  It fits in my Matt and Nat bag and holds two diapers, wipes (it has a little wipes container) and a change of clothes.  The mat is a little padded so it is perfect for changing Baby Bee on the go, as well as using for a massage at the end of the day when we are travelling.  No need for a diaper bag, just pop this in your purse/man bag/laptop bag/backpack.  Love it!

Manhattan Toy Skwish

This cool toy was give to us by some good friends of ours who already have two kids.  They sent us a box of “All of our Favourite Baby Products” and it has been very loved by Mini Bee…she loves to pling the elastic (I know pling is not a word, but it expresses me perfectly).  It bounces when she throws it, it is light enough and slim enough for her little hands to hold, the wooden balls are great for her to chew (she is teething right now) and the colours really hold her attention.  She has loved this since the beginning and it is still her fave by a mile.

Mothercare Muslin Burp Cloths

Okay, you do not know the meaning of spit up until you have met Baby Bee.  She is the spit up queen!  These burp cloths have saved our lives…and our clothes, sofa, bed, floor, stroller, baby carrier…the list goes on.  Plus, the more you wash them, the softer they get.  Mira likes to chew on them too, now that she is teething.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

We have tried all the other carriers, this one rules.  That is all.

Baby Links

My mum is an Infant Development Specialist.  Yes, she is keeping a close eye on Mini Bee’s mile stones.  She sent us an entire box of these links.  At the time we thought she was a little nutty, but they are the best ever.  We use them on the stroller, the baby seat, the baby gym, as a rattle, as a teether.  Mira loves them!  Way to go, Nanni.

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

The best ever little mini, but ever so strong pump.  I loved it.

The Swaddle

Put Little Bee to sleep in seconds!  We got this from a friend who has a baby only 6 weeks older than us.  We didn’t use it at first – wondering what the strange blanket contraption was.  It turned out to be the best gift!  Mira had crazy colic, but this helped her to feel secure. She loved to be wrapped up nice and snug just like she was back in her old ‘hood – the womb.

See also:

The Miracle Blanket

A great swaddle.  There is no getting out of this one.  Mira slept for so much longer when

Breastfeeding Pillow

This was given to me by a friend – a mother of two.  Mira was early and was only 5lb, and had to be breast fed every 1.5 to 2 hours at the beginning.  This pillow was a great support.  I felt kind of like those cigarette girls with the thing strapped around my waist, but it really helped me to enjoy breast feeding.  I didn’t use it for long, because I started to feed Mira sitting upright, but it was a great start for both of us!

Formula Dispenser

Now that Bee is on formula, this is the best thing ever!  Recommended by some friends of ours who are awesome parents.

Mucus Sucker and the Breathe Easy Drops

Mucus and Mira caused a lot of drama in the last few months.  This really helped us to help her clear her nose.  She was able to breastfeed and sleep a lot easier.  F and I got some strange satisfaction out of showing each other how much mucus we were able to catch in it!

Safe Mama Website

Okay, I admit. I am a little paranoid about the BPA and the chemicals in the baby lotion.  But I was like that before baby bee came along, so I don’t feel weird sharing this.

Smart Mom Teether

Since Mira has started grabbing my necklace and trying to suck on it, as well as trying to shove anything she can get her hands on in her mouth, this teething necklace is really cool.  Plus it is easy to give her when I am carrying her in the Baby Bjorn.

Sophie the Giraffe

Yes, we all know and love her. Although Mira was not interested in her until just a few weeks ago, she is now a very loved member of our family!

The Wean Machine

Okay, so we have not used this yet, but it looks awesome.  Mira is now on squashed carrots and rice as her first weaning foods.  I think the wean machine is going to be great to take travelling with us when we can’t lug the food processor.

Reggae Playground

Really cool songs to dance to with Baby.  Not too cheesy and baby sounding, but still fun.  See also:


We love Banana Phone.



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