Posted by: Shireen | January 14, 2010

No plans for the new year

F has been writing about the new year and so have so many other people.  Well, its the thing to do in the new year, right?  Actually, I never make new year’s resolutions.  They annoy me.  I have been going to the gym for years now (inspired by F, the gym buff, who designs my workouts for me!!) and every January, the gym gets really busy – you can never find a treadmill when you want it, or a locker to put your stuff and some people just take too long to learn the rule of wiping down the equipment when they are done! And then every February, the gym gets back to normal…all the new year’s resolutioners fade into the background….

The thing is, new year’s resolutions are too much pressure.  All that deciding and planning and organising and changing is just too much.  I am, by nature a worrier and a planner, but I have noticed something interesting about my life.  All the thing that I didn’t plan are all the things that are so amazing about my life.  I never planned to go to London after graduation, I never planned to teach Year 6 (Grade 6), I never planned to do my MA so soon, I never planned on getting a boy friend as soon as I got to London, I certainly didn’t plan on marrying him, I never planned moving to Switzerland, ….and I NEVER planned having a baby.  That one really sprung on me quickly!  I never even planned on enjoying being on maternity leave…and yet here I am enjoying Baby Bee and our time together! Okay some days are very much less blissful than others, but you get my drift.

I guess the thing is, once I stopped planning what was going to be and started just enjoying what was right there…the universe started planning for me.  And I am not complaining.  I like what it has given me.  I love it, even.  So, no new year’s resolutions for me…except to continue being grateful for all the un-planned and wonderful things I already have!

Having the good life is simple when you practice the one you have – MommaZen


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