Posted by: Shireen | November 17, 2009

Three bags and a baby (a title deftly stolen from F)

We did it! We manage to take Baby Bee on her first trip….and we are all back in one piece without one single nervous breakdown!!

After lots of advice from friends who have babies, we finally decided to pack one bag for mine and F’s stuff and one bag for M.  At the time it seemed like a good idea, baby things altogether and grown up things all together.  But seeing as I am a neat freak when it comes to packing my bag and F (even though he is my favourite boy)  is, well…not, our bag ended up looking like an explosion while M’s bag remained an oasis of calm.  Note to self:  do not share suitcase with a boy.  Next time, all the girls clothes in one bag and all the boys clothes in the other!

Now you know you have all seen them – the mother walking with the stroller, cool and collected and the dad staggering behind, all sweaty and tired.  I once vowed never to travel like that.  I mean, what is wrong with the dad with the stroller and mom with the luggage trolley.  When I told this to F, he informed me that no matter what I said, he would end up carrying the luggage anyway.  We’ll see, I said, we’ll see.

What really happened:  Me, strolling along with Mira in our trendy Bugaboo Bee stroller with my Matt and Nat oversized bag now doubling as my very cool diaper bag on my shoulder.  Nice, right?   Farhan, bringing up the behind with one rolling suitcase, a large duffle bag on one shoulder and a rucksack on the other.  I promise I offered to take the rolling suitcase, but he did say he was fine.  But, he does get to say he told me so.

The plane was a dream – Baby Bee sat on her dad’s lap and after a nice long feed went promptly to sleep both there and the way pack.  Nice!  On the way back, there was the explosive poo diaper, but we managed to save ourselves and had a change of clothes for the babe….I forgive her.

But really what I wanted to say was that the trip was amazing for a bunch of reasons….

  • Being in London, M and I actually had places to walk to, rather than the same old stroll we do in Nyon.  We walked to Nottinghill, High Street Kensington and all up and down Westbourne Grove.  It was amazing, even though one day poured with rain!  We were excited to go out!  M did not fuss, she loved all the long walks with new things to look at,  Or maybe she was just fascinated with the huge grin on my face since I was soooo happy to be back in the buzz of my favourite city.
  • There were so many place I could breast feed without feeling uncomfortable.  Cafe Nero, Nandos, Wholefoods, Planet Organic….the list goes on.  Its just that everyone in London has things to do or places to be other than to stare at the woman breast feeding at the corner table!
  • Oh my gosh! The food in London is just the best.  No matter the time of day, there was always a healthy option of fast food.  Me being the brown rice, lots of veggies, hearty salad, sunflower seed eating maniac that I am, it just confirms that I need to be in LONDON!!!
  • Friends, friends, friends…..I miss them!
  • Black cabs in London let to take a stroller inside as long as the baby is strapped in and the brakes are on.  What other city can offer that?
  • London makes me feel excited to just be. In all the city chaos, there is some kind of calm that I love.

So, a mommy, a daddy, three bags and a baby later, we were happy to be back in our flat in Switzerland, but even more fired up to find a way back home to London.



  1. No other mommy and baby I’d rather travel with.

  2. You’re superparents!! I admire you both!!

  3. Great story 🙂

    Miss you…

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