Posted by: Shireen | October 19, 2009

Out from under the rock…

….the rock that is the first eight weeks of baby bee’s (a.k.a. Mira Ruby Shariff Lalji)  life, that is.  Someone asked me the other day how it feels to have a baby and I responded that it is so much more amazing, but so much tougher than I ever thought it would be.

But the last eight weeks has been a whirlwind  of feeding, burping, spit up (lots of it), diapers, explosive poops, colic, gas, a baby cold, visits from both grandmas and a good friend, Mira’s first smile, hormonal melt downs (mine), learning to bath a baby (she loves it!), cradle cap, developmental play (influenced by one of the grandmas), swaddles (life savers), gripe water, Raffi songs, downloading ocean sounds to replicate the placenta, burping to music, excitement over fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes, disappointment at the muffin top, half finished sentences and phone conversations (mine), retiring of the blow dryer, the rhythmic sound of the breast pump at 6:30 in the morning, insane amounts of laundry, how could I miss out the lack of sleep, cute little baby clothes, figuring out how the stroller works, baby massage, sleeping while the baby is sleeping (yeah, right.), worrying about breast milk, reading all the books by baby experts (too bad the babies don’t read the books, then it would all fit the description, right?), doing the dance of victory when she finally falls peacefully asleep, trying a schedule, scrapping the schedule…

…and watching this perfect creature find her way in her new space one day at a time, falling madly in love with this little girl even though we have only known her for two months, and knowing that no matter how many hormonal melt downs I have left (and trust me, they are dramatic!), it is amazingly worth it.

And all this from the girl who said she wasn’t interested in having babies.  For the very first time in my life, I will admit that I was wrong 😉  What a fabulous, crazy adventure this is going to be!

Mira, two weeks old

Mira, two weeks old

After 6 attempts to write a post this morning, interupted by some serious gas and spit up, the early end of a nap, more spit up, a hungry baby bee and a yellow poop diaper, I finally did it!  This can only mean that things are looking up…. (and I was even out of my pyjamas before noon today!)



  1. Out of your PJ’s before noon. Unreal!

    Glad your enjoying the ride.

    With all the tears and emotions (mine) aside I think we’re doing amazing. Mira’s a pretty lucky kid to have a mom like you.


  2. So glad Bees on skis is back 🙂
    Love you xxx

  3. you’re like this super hero now. what can’t you do?

  4. Hi Shireen. I’m Shaleen’s sister and I have been following your blog since Shaleen told me about it!! I was inspired by yours and have begun my own…
    Your baby is the cutest little girl ever!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. thanks shaireen! glad you are enjoying the blog – i love writing it! hope to meet you someday …. i totally love love love your sister. she is a special one.

  6. lol. hmmm….good question 😉 now i have no excuses, right?

  7. What a lovely adventure…

    I can’t wait to meet Baby Bee 🙂

    Hugs to you both mom and dad!

    Alisha and Rickesh

  8. here is the link to my blog…
    Pls keep writing about your little princess…

  9. Sorry…Purple Penguin is Shaleen’s sister!! Shaireen

  10. i have added you to my blogs i like lists 😉 by mistake i added my own blog to the list – oops! oh well.

  11. Shireen great to see you back…..Mira is beautiful. enjoy the adventure.

    Grandma #3 cannot wait until Saturday.

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