Posted by: Shireen | June 6, 2009

The Home Stretch!

Yes, we are in the third trimester!  I can’t believe how fast time has passed.  That unbelievable moment of seeing two lines on the pee stick seems like a lifetime ago.  It has been a good ride so far.

First trimester was a whirl of insane hormones and extreme sleepiness. Not a good combination, especially in a new country and so far from all my friends and fam – so you could say I was really happy to be done with the first three months!

But the last three months have been lots of fun.  I felt great and the crazy hormones melted away when the happy hormones really kicked in!  The idea of the two of us becoming three started to sound more exciting and we even started buying baby clothes!  My bump looked cute (although my butt seemed to grow along with it!  The midwife says that big bums mean good breast milk, but  I think she is just trying to make me feel better!)  The baby started to kick and even more fun was when F felt her for the first time.  It made us happy  that some old school hip hop was playing on the TV and that was the first time we really felt her dancing for her life!  Thank goodness she will have some good music taste 😉  And I loved it when F could feel the baby too.

And now we are in the home stretch.  Wow!  Feeling excited to soon meet this little person who has been using my body as her private condo for the last 6 months and who will continue to make herself comfortable in the next 3.  Being pregnant hasn’t been the drama that I thought it was going to be and even my expanding body has not freaked me out as much as I thought it would.  Doing yoga and keeping active has been amazing for me.

But that was before we hit third trimester and the blazing hot summer in Switzerland!!  Thank goodness for the lake and outdoor swimming pools! But we are going the Montreux Jazz Festival to see Q-tip, Raphael Saadiq, Mos Def and Lilly Allen, taking the train to Paris, good friends are coming to visit and I have 2 months off all to look forward to!

Still on the hunt for a cool diaper bag…I’ll let you know the adventures of finding a diaper bag another day.  I know you can’t wait for that 😉


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