Posted by: Shireen | June 2, 2009

Notes from East London

This is a message I got from one of the kids in my class last year.   It just made me laugh!   Remember its East London lingo.  Try not to look at the spelling or the fact that I was her teacher last year (I promise you, she does know how to spell in real life!).

Context:  She had heard a rumour that I was coming to visit school, but didn’t believe anyone until she had emailed me to see if it was true.  This message was received after my visit when they saw me 5 months pregnant for the first time.

u dd come to our school

i ddnt believe ppl

well its gd to see yooh

yooh hav gone bare fat

anywayz cya =]

Glossary (for those of you who don’t hang out with kids from the E1W:

Means Loads of something.
“I’m BARE Tired, or I’ve Got Bare Cash”


  1. haha that’s super cute! As an eee-fooor-een (e14) person I bare luv it!

    Oh btw we are going to Greenwich Holiday Family school to revampt their idled garden for the give and gain (charity day). Thought you’ll like that.

    We raised over £1,400 in just a day in the London office… Speak soon!

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