Posted by: Shireen | June 1, 2009

Brown Babies

I just came back from the residential trip with my school.  It was beautiful and I really enjoyed the nature walk that we went on in the mountains.  Switzerland is stunning in the summer time.

Morgins, Switzerland

Morgins, Switzerland

One of the little girls in my class, F is from Sweden.  She is a fair skinned, blond haired, blue eyed, soon to be knock-out beauty.

We chatted about life, family and of course, the baby, who by the way is making herself very well known by kicking her hands and feet everytime I sit down.  We can see the little ripples across my stomach if we watch carefully!  Anyway, F was asking about names and so I told her some of the ones we have in mind and she gave her honest opinion which is what you always get from kids.  That is why I like to work with them.  There is no beating about the bush like there is with adults sometimes.

So F turns to me and says, “Ms B, is your husband brown like you?

“Yes, he is.”

“Oh that is good.  So that means the baby is going to be all brown too.”

“Yes…”  wondering where she is going with all this….

F’s little face burst into a huge smile, “Oh, Ms B, I just love brown babies.  They are so cute, you know.  I am so happy that you will have a brown baby.”  And with that, she wandered off to join her friend a few steps ahead of us, leaving me to comtemplate cute brown babies.



  1. awe! what a fantastic story!!! not only will it be a brown baby but it’ll be yours and F’s – easily, without a doubt one of the cutest ever! xxx

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