Posted by: Shireen | April 25, 2009

Italy, for the fourth time!!

P1010559, originally uploaded by shireenbee.

I could tell you about the scenery and the wonderful food, but you know that about Italy already and you can browse the pictures, but instead I will tell you this….

As we walked down the cobble stoned streets of Florence after dinner, we heard the distinct sound of a kazoo, spilling out the notes of Solo Mio…Looking up we saw a guy, probably a little tipsy, hanging out the window, playing his kazoo for all he was worth. Everyone on the street below whooped and applauded the random performance, as if it were something that happened every night in Florence! We all continued on to the place we had been going to before the kazoo had given us all an opportunity to share a smile.

I realised why I love Italy so much. It is because the people there are real. On the street you see people expressing themselves. For as many times that you see a woman telling off her man in loud, angry words, you see a couple locked in perfect PDA. The men are beautiful and well dressed and the women have real bodies and big hair that they show of with confidence.

And of course, F and I did manage to find a beach in the south that was totally deserted (just like the one in Portuagal!). If you are lucky, I’ll tell you where to find it!!



  1. Oh Shireen – sounds like you had a great time ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m in love with Italy even though I’ve never been!
    You must tell me about the beach for when we make a trip…

    hope you, baby bee and f are doing well
    love you

  2. Alisha – I will share the beach secret with you for sure! Please come to Europe soon – there are so many amazing places to see and Italy is one of my favourite places ๐Ÿ˜‰

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