Posted by: Shireen | March 29, 2009

Sometimes it is that easy

In the UK, Year 6 children have to sit their SATs exams.  They are really important for the school because the government publishes the results in league tables that show how well the school is doing.  The tests are used in Secondary School to level the children.

So you can see that the tests end up being quite stressful for the children and the teachers.

That is the downside of teaching Year 6, but the upside is, when you go through such a stressful year with a group of kids and you manage to pull them through their exams, witness their first steps into adolescence and take them on their first residential trip, you end up building quite a special bond with your class.  And that is why I loved teaching Year 6.

But that is not what I wanted to write about.  This is what I wanted to say.

There was a little girl called N in my class.  She was just the most unique child and would never be anyone but herself.   She was cool, fun and dressed really well, but the best part was that she never took herself too seriously and was confident to laugh at herself whenever anything went wrong. But she never was really great at studying for the SATs.  She just felt that the test were not worth that much attention.  She had a point, but for the sake of the school and her report card, we plugged on with the studying.

Al last, when all the test were over and we had said our final goodbyes to the children on the last day of the summer term, I sat in my classroom feeling a little sad, a little relieved, a little excited for the holidays, and  a little lonesome for my class who were going on to bigger and more exciting adventures in Secondary School.

On my desk, I found a note:

“Dear Shireen,

I love me!  I love you too,

Love from N”

You see, it is that easy to believe you are fabulous without waiting for anyone to tell you so.


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