Posted by: Shireen | March 11, 2009

There is a sunflower in my belly

I have no excuse for not writing.  I am terrible, I know.  This one is for “Tim”, who demanded I stop slacking off!

Last Sunday we went to Buddhist Meditation.

A new teacher started at the school in January (let’s call her H) and she is just lovely and quirky and teaches yoga and was just what I needed to find in this place.  She was the one who told me about this meditation and I begged her to take us the next time she went.

There is a little Thai restaurant in a nearby village and the owner invites a monk to do meditation once a month.  They sit on chairs, but H asked if she, F and I cound sit on the floor.  It was pretty funny with all these tall restaurant chairs in front and the three of us perched in the very back.  But it was a perfect little space for us.

The monk was a superstar (if I can say that about a monk).  He talked about how meditation can become part of your way of life and part of the way you begin to think.  I love the idea that maybe in this life time, maybe the next, I might be able to keep a calm, stable mind.  If you know me, you know that calm and stable really are not terms that anyone would use to describe me!  But the good news is, I can learn to be that way, even if I am over excitable right now.  And that the journey to that point and beyond is something that I might even enjoy.

Its not that I have not meditated before.  I have, it is just that this time, I felt like a little smile was inside my tummy the whole time.  The monk had asked us to imagine a light shining like a sun from our bellies as our visualisation.  I loved that one! There I was, spreading belly sunshine loving kindness all around the world.

On the way home, F said that no matter how hard he tried to imagine a sun, all he kept getting was a sunflower.  Isn’t that the most beautiful image, though?  A sunflower in your belly.

I am in.  Sign me up for the next session.

Oh, and by the way….in addition to the sunflower, I also have a baby in my belly.  Yep, bee is with baby.  Baby bee to arrive in early fall.



  1. Great post. Dunno why I kept thinking of a sunflower though. Lovin this adventure we’re on, meditation, baby, sunflowers, you and me. Sweet.

  2. i have been checking your blog to hear of any news and new posts (esp since we haven’t connected)

    this one is great!! what a lovely image 🙂
    i hope you’re talking about sunday the 8th?

    i really can’t wait to meet “baby bee”


  3. thanks, alisha. and you know what? we did go on sunday the 8th! did you feel the sunshine i sent you?

  4. ‘Tim’ is so happy to have you back!

    Imagine finding a monk teaching meditation in a restaurant in London, it wouldn’t happen!

    Enjoy the sun.

  5. Thanks, Jim! Yes, I am loving the monk in the restaurant! And get this – he used to be a teacher!! Shows what is in store for me in a few years!

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