Posted by: Shireen | December 11, 2008

The Christmas Concert

Just came back from the Christmas concert at school.

The day was pretty perfect. It has been snowing all day, but not settling near the lake where we are. Instead it has settled on the hills and mountains around us, so it looks really pretty, but we don’t have to deal with slush. I love it!

We all squeezed into the dining hall at the school for the concert. As always, the children never give it their all in rehearsals and then all of a sudden they pull it out of no-where during the real thing. I think they just do it to drive their teachers crazy. The concert was a pretty standard one – not like the ones I am used to and love in London – and was a mixture of very traditional Christmas carols. I managed to squeeze in a fun Christmas pop song with a little bit of dancing, but other than that, it stuck to tradition. Even still, I found it special since this was our first concert in this school and the children were so excited to share this moment with their parents.

The thing I love the most about concerts is the parent’s faces when they are watching their little darlings. They cannot smile enough. I might be sick of practising for the concert, but for them it is the first time they are seeing it – and even if it comes out a little wobbly, that makes it even sweeter. The kids too – I love to see their little proud-of-themselves-smiles as they sit down after their songs.

And guess what – when the children sang, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”, out of the window I could see the snow falling gently over the vineyards and the hills and villages behind them and it was one of those take-a-picture-in-your-mind moments (well, take-a-video-in-your-mind, really, since we need the song as the soundtrack) and it all felt a little bit special to be here in Switzerland working in a little school at the bottom of a mountain.

And at the end of the concert, we all drank mulled wine and ate mince pies – I tell you, you don’t get more storybook than that!!



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